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Project 9 – ‘Virulence’

  • 2 min read

An enigmatic project built upon a passion for dark, synthwave sounds, Project 9 is a unique aural experience that dives into the beating heart of the modern trap scene. Shifting between sounds and styles, Project 9’s work drifts between cinematic soundscapes and ambient, instrumental pieces, creating an intoxicating sound that has been slowly making its mark on Soundcloud. Most recently, Project 9 has made the move to Spotify, releasing a trilogy of impressive singles that perfectly encapsulate their sound, and it all starts with the brilliant ‘Virulence’.

An expressive and wonderfully innovative vehicle for the West Palm Beaches’ Alvaro Herrera, Project 9 has been described as a “Little Filmscore, Trap, Synthwave”, but when listening to ‘Virulence’, you soon start to discover that there is so much more at play. Offering two original pieces in the form of ‘Old Ones’ and ‘Closure’, the new releases are dark, emotional journeys into the beating heart of Herrera, creating a sound that seeks to reflect his feelings, experiences, and thoughts that once felt impossible to express. In keeping with this theme, Herrera expressed on Soundcloud that he was “Trying to get out what ideas I've got into audio”, and each piece arrives alongside short, sharp taglines that speak to the emotional quality of each piece.

For ‘Old Ones’, Herrera builds a bold, nostalgic melody that champions synthwave sounds, blending old school drum and bass with more ambient effects that drift past his message of "Love making you angry, hate seeing you cry". It’s a confronting, intimate, and undeniable first cut, and it sets the stage for ‘Closure’, which sees Herrera experimenting with vocal samples, calculated tensions, and more involving, cascading sounds that draw you in and never let go.

Bold, ruminative, and steeped in raw human emotion, the singles are a testament to Herrera’s authenticity, but also an artful examination of how we often disassociate ourselves from pain and emotional turmoil as a way of surviving. You can tune in to both tracks below.

Available now on both Soundcloud and Spotify, both ‘Old Ones’ and ‘Closure’ speak volumes to Herrera’s talents, and his work under the moniker of Project 9 feels not only important but essential.

Along with his musical endeavours, Herrera is also an options trader and entrepreneur, with his latest project, Plankz Bamboo Sunglasses funding now via Kickstarter.

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