Dmighty – ‘Motives’

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An enigmatic artist who seamlessly blends hip-hop and pop into his own unique stream of consciousness, Dmighty has quickly become one of the brightest new talents his side of the equator. Armed with a sound that is as engaging and commercially viable as it is personal, Dmighty has built an enviable arsenal of songs, and now, with the release of his ‘Motives’ EP, he’s truly hit his stride.

A seminal four-track release that perfectly illustrates his hybrid sound, ‘Motives’ is a masterclass in bold, innovative sounds, layering bright, reverberating beats with clean production and some truly expressive vocals. Right from the start, the EP hits with vigour and vibrancy, creating an unparalleled aural experience that will have you enraptured.

Delivering four tracks that range from heavy-hitting hip-hop epics to contemporary pop icons, ‘Motives’ has it all, and with tracks like ‘Surprise’ already topping over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, it’s no wonder that the EP has become such a hit for Dmighty.

You can tune in to the EP below, or head on over to our official Spotify playlist for 2021, where you can stream lead single ‘Game’ alongside a string of other impressive independent anthems.

Since the release of the EP, Dmighty has continued to impress, releasing a wave of new singles and his critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Rebel’. For more, make sure you check out Dmighty’s Spotify page below or follow him on Instagram.

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