The Moving Stills - 'Truthfully'

Capturing the pop-rock essence that made bands of the classic pop era of the mid-80s, the new single from The Moving Stills is a synth-laden masterpiece built on an indie-rock foundation.

TheMovingStills are a four-piece alt-pop/rock band reigning from New South Wales’ Central Coast. Wading through surf flavours and '80s New York garage sounds, with pop melodies that soothe and stick, members Tom, Mike, Brad and Ben make tracks that shoot throughthe barrel of a wave and spit outthe back onto a 67’ Holden Ute. Gliding through a dance floor and stumbling onto a sweaty indie mosh pit with a bit of charm,TheMovingStills create music like you’ve never heard before.

Their latest single 'Truthfully' is pop nostalgia at its finest. Capturing the pop-rock essence that made bands in the classic pop era of the mid-80s, the synth-laden track is built on an indie-rock foundation. Sweet, charming and a chilled slice of shimmering indie-pop, 'Truthfully' features floating vocals atop a steady groove as synths shimmer and guitar riffs buzz with warmth. Mike shares, “Truthfully,is the defining moment in a new relationship where you stop playing little mind games and just get to the point. The early days are fun and exciting, but then you have to decide… ‘are we in or out?’. Opening up and being honest with each other, saying: ‘this is who I am… take me or leave me.’ You put yourself out there, and the possibility of rejection is scary. All you can do is be honest and true.”

Working with longtime collaborator Dylan Adam’s (CLEWS, DMA’s, West Thebarton) who has been peppering his secret sauce on the album tracks. The band says, “This album has been a gradual process of refining and working on songs both old and new over the last two years. The songs that have had a place in our live set for years, and others that haven’t yet been heard. Writing, recording and working on this album felt really nice. It’s an opportunity to give listeners a snapshot of where we are as a band and how we’ve been feeling. We’ve always written songs based on our experiences and stories we know. It’s definitely honest and heartfelt. In a way, ‘Sunshine Corner’ is a coming of age album filled with stories of emotional struggles, self-realisations and reflections, heartbreak and the lessons learnt along the way. Hopefully some of our experiences connect with the people listening to it.”

The Moving Stills released three singles earlier in the year with ‘Gene’, ‘Downlow’ and ‘Waste My Time’. Songs that showcase their matured songwriting and production finesse whilst building on their signature sound. The band says the album will “show a cross section of different flavours we’ve been playing with.” Taking influence from guitar based rock as well as electronic and groove based artists. Sunshine Corner is due for release on January 28 through Sureshaker.

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