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Dnigel – ‘Summer Lovin’

  • 2 min read

An enigmatic producer, songwriter, and beatmaker from the DMV area, Dnigel first landed on the RnB scene back in 2019, delivering a string of impressive singles such as ‘Let’s Do It Again’ and his heartfelt acoustic rendition of ‘I Pick U’. Since then, he’s become one of the most promising new talents around, delivering one stellar single after another and notching up an impressive roster of collaborating artists.

In his latest single, the sun-kissed RnB anthem of ‘Summer Lovin’, Dnigel has continued his collaborative spell with the one-and-only Steve Drakes, penning an instant hit that is sure to impress. Armed with smooth harmonies and some of the best production you’ll find anywhere in the DMV area, the new single is everything we’ve come to love about Dnigel and more, capitalising on his ability to weave depth, emotion, and character into any sound.

While it might be as smooth as silk on the surface, Dnigel has made sure that ‘Summer Lovin’ has plenty of heart too, delivering a charming pop croon that drifts among a sea of quickstepping beats and perfectly layered harmonies. Blending a contemporary RnB feel with a gorgeous soft-pop aesthetic, both Dnigel and Steve Drakes have done wonders to create a song that is light, airy, and easy to enjoy.

Available now on Spotify, as well as on our very own radio station, ‘Summer Lovin’ s modern RnB at its most accessible and enjoyable. Check it out below.

An essential new release from one of RnB’s most promising independent talents, ‘Summer Lovin’ is a near-perfect blend of commercial viability and artistic integrity, and if Dnigel can keep producing tracks with the same quality and style, he’ll have one hell of a career ahead of him.

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