Don Afric – ‘On Fire’

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A gifted rapper of Moroccan roots, Don Afric took the world by storm earlier this year with the release of his titanic debut album ‘yellow pages’. Filled to the brim with alternative hip-hop hits that lashed out with wonderful eclectic rhythms, catchy hooks, and sophisticated beats, it’s a tour de force that illustrates his style to perfection.

While some artists might be sitting back after such a massive release, Don Afric has taken a different tact, arming himself with a bold new cut that capitalises on ‘yellow pages’ with ease. Caught somewhere between light, dreamy vocals, and more complex hip-hop beats, ‘On Fire’ is arguably Don Afric’s most sonically charged and openly honest single to date.

With a definitive nod to his roots, and a gorgeous sound that combines spirituality, Arabic instrumentation, with more modern R&B vibes, ‘On Fire’ takes Don Afric to a new dimension, drawing in the track a new dimension in listeners from both his homeland and from across the globe. Speaking openly about the new single, Don Afric explained, “I want this song to be the start of my music career. It defines me and the type of music I would like to be making and spreading until the end of my career.”

Don Afric’s previous release, ‘Yellow Pages’, has collectively gained over 500,000 plays on Spotify, delivering a wonderfully international style that plays host to an impressive five languages. The multi-linguist puts his skills down to his eclectic music taste that spans the world round. For ‘On Fire’, though, he opts for English with lyrics that explore the excitement of a club scene and passionate love. 

Available now on most major platforms, ‘On Fire’ is everything that has made Don Afric so popular but with an extra incentive. Heavily influenced by Drake in his lyricism and rapping, he possesses a unique vocal style that can switch so seamlessly from rapping to singing, with the latter bringing a delicate tonality that lends itself to his Arabic roots.

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