Allison Kane - 'Demonstrate'

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An entertainer of extraordinary vision, Allison Kane redefines what’s possible for a female artist not backed by a record label. Cleverly blending hip-hop and rock to bare it all for her audience, Allison imbues her music with equal parts confession and cryptic, all with unsparing self-awareness.

Recently, her new documentary has showcased a rollercoaster of struggles and emotions, outlining how she uses her songwriting and singing skills to express herself through recording and producing music. Exploring various issues and subjects, from losing a relationship to anti-bullying, every moment is charged with emotion, and today, she’s continuing that same spirit in her new single, the brilliant ‘Demonstrate’.

Built on the same hybrid style that has made Allison so widely loved, ‘Demonstrate’ sees the artist showing a slightly lighter side to her music. Primarily a blend of vibrant pop, and R&B, the new single draws from a different audience, infusing her joyous sound with a more lyrically intense, rap-infused style. Available now, the new single also delivers a wonderful moment within the documentary, where Allison takes to the piano to deliver a gorgeous, stripped-back version.

For Allison, her music and journey stand as a source of inspiration for others to do the same. With mental health issues being highlighted more than ever, it’s important artists like Allison continue to give visibility to these issues, destigmatizing mental health conversation, and providing a way of escapism for music enthusiasts.

Along with some of her incredible tracks, the documentary also showcases the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the whole project. For an independent artist, the shows, choreography, dancers, and effort that goes into everything are second to none, with Allison putting her heart and soul into everything she does. In addition, the pyrotechnics and live band setup used in her live show look equally impressive, rivalling that of her major-label competitors.

A true artist, Allison Kane is known for her versatile range and tonal quality, able to toggle between silky R&B vocals and sensual choreography on a hip-hop show to an aggressive tone seen on her rock shows with a full band. Her songs often discuss betrayal, sexual relations, and getting money by any means necessary.

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