Drew Thomas - 'All My Friends'

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Nottingham-raised singer-songwriter Drew Thomas continues to lead the charge of DIY rock musicians making waves across the alternative scene. Through unparalleled approaches and resonating nostalgia, his musical endeavours shine bright, as he brings his talents for writing arena-sized choruses to life.

Infusing a rich collection of musical influences into his unique soundscape, he took the leap to go solo back in 2018, having performed up and down the country in several group endeavours. Honing inspiration from the likes of The Killers, Bleachers and Sam Fender, he creates an encapsulating sound and truly addictive musical persona. 

Thomas’ latest single 'All My Friends', produced alongside Natt Webb and Charlie Thomas, explores the pressures of settling down, seeing friends bringing children into the world and getting married, yet the abundance of pressure that follows when that just doesn’t seem to be the way life is panning out for you.

He confesses, “All My Friends is about watching all of your mates starting to build homes, make families and have kids but refusing to settle down yourself. It’s about still having the party lifestyle and getting drunk every night but feeling left behind by the people you used to love.”

Exploring deeper themes into the expectations of the heteronormative narratives, he continues, “To me, it’s also had a deeper meaning the more I’ve played it because, for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s not as simple and straightforward as settling down whenever you want and naturally end up resenting stereotypical relationship culture as a result.”

Opening up about sexuality and inner demons, Thomas’ single soars with catharsis and an inspirational chronicle. Paired with passionate vocal energy, twisting rhythms and blaring basslines, 'All My Friends' turns into a pop-rock fuelled party anthem filled with resonance and relatability.

Taking to the stage in his early teenage years, Drew Thomas has supported renowned artists such as Kaiser Chiefs, Thomas Headon and Billy Lockett. throughout the years, as he found his feet on the stages of Reading and Leeds Festival, as well as opportunities with BBC Introducing’s 'Track of the Week' on BBC Radio 1. As well as developing an ecstatic stage persona, Thomas has co-written alongside international artists such as Tom Walker, James TW, Ana Shine and Casey Lowry, as he brings his compelling artistry to life on an international scale.

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