Drugs For Guns – ‘Heaven Or Hell'

A talented drum and bass duo built on the combined talents of Kikdrummer and Bladedrummer, Drugs For Guns have created a unique sound by combining visceral drum loops, innovative samples, and modern EDM influences. Politically charged and built to inspire, the duo aims to spark a revolution, and one their new single ‘Heaven Or Hell’, they might just make it happen.

Inspired by legendary bands like The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Pendulum, Drugs For Guns dominate the genre with a fierce and wonderfully original sound, one that will have you on the edge of your seat and determined to make a change.

For their latest track, the brilliant ‘Heaven Or Hell’, the band have set their sights on how Governments are only interested in the ‘Human Rights’ of countries that have a resource they can exploit but turn a blind eye to the appalling Human Rights abuses of countries that have nothing for them to take. Speaking only about the new track, the band explained the message behind it, saying, “…governments are always in a state of revenge. How they declare war on countries that have a resource they want to exploit, always declaring it's about 'Human Rights'. How larger nations dominate the world militarily and economically.”

As such, the song aims to discuss whether there really is peace after the war. The band continued, “…peace is an illusion. It's never really kind after. There is so much distrust between the countries that this can never happen.”

Political, expressive, and undeniably brave, ‘Heaven Or Hell’ is aggressive, hitting with a strong drum and bass beat that will set fire to the airwaves. You can stream the new single above or check it out on our annual Spotify playlist where it’s streaming alongside a host of other great independent anthems.

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