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Dulcie - 'Sleep It Off'

  • 2 min read

Returning ready to embrace a new chapter of creativity, following on from the release of ‘Test Drive’ at the beginning of the year, Dulcie delivers a radiant new cut of pop music in ‘Sleep It Off’. 

Across their recent releases, the WA trio have demonstrated their leaps and bounds when it comes to their own musical journey; ‘Sleep It Off’ mirrors this period of refreshed energy. A track that focuses on realising one’s worth and coming out the other side of a confusing period of change in a relationship, ‘Sleep It Off’ acknowledges growing pains, while maintaining an air of optimism around the whole experience.

Working with the talented Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Kate Miller-Heidke) and the acclaimed Konstantin Kersting (Tones And I, Amy Shark) on the initial workshopping, production and final mixing respectively, Dulcie further cement their place as one of Australia’s most exciting new pop voices. For the single, Dulcie recorded between 4000 Studios and Hen House Rehearsal Studio.

The band explained, “Situations and people don’t stay the same forever, and sometimes that can be a hard reality to face. ‘Sleep It Off’ touches on the themes of growing pains, the confusion in not knowing exactly what the right decision is and being brave enough to imagine a new way of life.”

“The feel of the song is uplifting and hopeful, despite the lyrics reflecting heartbreak and loss. We hope that this song helps people through hard transitional periods in their lives and gives them the belief that even though they're in the thick of it now, it will get easier in time and new doors will open.”

2023 is lining up to be another fruitful year for Dulcie, with the release of both ‘Test Drive’ and now ‘Sleep It Off’ giving fans and industry alike beautiful opportunities to glean the direction they’re taking with their music, as the year goes on.

Harnessing the momentum afforded to them across 2022 off the back of successful releases including ‘Cold Hard Truth’, ‘Nothing Left’ and ‘tell ur friends’, Dulcie have emerged for 2023 more excited than ever.

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