Jon Gold – ‘Appropriate Culturation #1’

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One of the most exciting virtuoso pianists, imaginative composers, and original orchestrators of the last few years, Jon Gold stands between two important musical idioms—Brazilian and American. Armed with a talent for blending the two styles into intricate arrangements with a lively sense of rhythm, Jon’s music has become a compelling and constantly entertaining adventure.

Recently, Jon shared the engaging compositional piece, ‘Appropriate Culturation #2’, an imaginative piece that was inspired by the vibrant culture of Brazil without superficially attempting to imitate it. A brilliant piece, it has gone on to receive over 21,000 streams on Spotify alone, setting an impressive standard for things to come.

Today, we’re shining a light on one of Jon’s other great compositions, one that carries the banner of his ‘Appropriate Culturation #2’ and leans into a gorgeous ‘world dance’ style. A release that stands at just over four minutes in length, ‘Appropriate Culturation #1’ is tunefully melodic and harmonically complex, channelling soprano saxophone into a wonderfully bright, orchestral arrangement.

Released in March of this year, ‘Appropriate Culturation #1’ was composed and arranged by Jon Gold and featured soprano saxophone by long-term collaborator Paulo Oliveira. You can stream the new single now on Spotify, or direct from Jon’s Bandcamp page.

A unique release that finds its roots in joyous lofi beats and tight-knit Brazilian rhythms, 'Appropriate Culturation #1' is a song like no other. You can stream it today and find it on our annual Spotify playlist where it is streaming alongside a host of other impressive and diverse talents from the year so far.

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