Duvee Davis - ‘IJustDoMe’

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An absolute force of nature cutting through the music scene, Duvee Davis is an inspiring musician, living father, and spirited entrepreneur. Offering home fitness, training goods, motivational music, and entertaining videos, he has become an undeniable icon in his own right. Recently, we found Duvee through the release of his heartfelt single ‘IJustDoMe’, a song about being your authentic self, no matter the hardship or struggle. 

An artist who makes hip-hop music to express himself, Duvee first began his journey while living in Brooklyn, New York, finding his passion and developing a style that pays homage to the legendary scene there. A single father travelling the world with his son, Duvee is currently based in Davao, Philippines, where he is building his business and making music for the world to enjoy.

Blending trauma and strength in a powerful manner, Duvee’s music speaks out against the pain and horror of child abuse, constantly pushing for change and ensuring his listeners can find solace in his words. Arguably one of his most effective singles to date, ‘IJustDoMe’ is a testament to the emotive power of Duvee’s music, capturing a spirited sound that blurs the lines between old school hip-hop and modern house music. Elevated perfectly by the kaleidoscopic beats and sharp house influence, the new track sets a perfect platform for Duvee’s lyrics, offering an unyielding and self-empowering sound that refuses to back down.

Speaking about the single on his website, Duvee explained that it's “a song about being your authentic self despite whatever circumstances you are in. This song is a testament to saying ‘I Don't Give a Fuck’ about your opinion and I am who I am. To be honest I made this song because I was sick of trying to fit in at my job and it felt like I was leading someone else's life.”

A release that reminds us all of the power that music has, ‘IJustDoMe’ has the ability to resonate deep within you and ignite a burning passion to be proud of who you are, no matter what you’re up against. From his own struggles with violence and a dysfunctional family, to raising his son as a single father, Duvee’s journey has been one of inspiring highs and devastating lows, and his music speaks volumes on behalf of it all.

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