Dylan Tauber – ‘I Am Alive’

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Over the last year, Dylan Tauber has treated us to some truly memorable albums, all of which have rallied around bold electronic melodies, passionate, well-produced sounds, and lovingly built harmonies that hold you until the very end. In ‘He Loves Carmen’, Dylan took us through a fourteen-track journey that was inspired by his girlfriend, while ‘The Lagoon’ championed early trance melodies, sublime 2000s beats, and glistening production.

Now, Dylan is taking us on another brilliant adventure, taking an exploratory view of the universe through twelve original songs that are as visceral as they are cathartic. With every release Dylan is able to create something new and exciting for us to enjoy, and ‘I Am Alive’, his sixteenth record is no different. Built to contribute something fresh and innovative to the electronic genre, it’s an album that can best be described as transcendent, proving just how good Dylan really is.

Incredibly melodic in a way that only Dylan can produce, ‘I Am Alive’ is an album filled to the absolute brim with dizzying electronics and EDM-infused anthemics, shining with rhythm, groove, and an undeniable sense of euphoria. As with his previous releases, there’s a sense of joyful familiarity that inhabit each of the tracks, with every track working together to emphasise Dylan’s message of love and exploration.

From the highly expressive ambient sounds of ‘Love And You Will Live’ and ‘Whales’, to the more overt and instantly intoxicating tones of ‘Reflection’, ‘Spirit Guides’, and ‘Dreams’, Dylan’s new album works in perfect harmony, offering a surprisingly organic and wonderfully immersive listening experience that reflects the fine balance of the world around us. Impressively, while each track presents as a unified form, there are flourishes of independent character and style, allowing for standout moments to rise and a perfect combination of sounds encompassing nature, technology, and spirituality to form.

One of those rare albums that are best experienced, rather than just heard, ‘I Am Alive’ is a gorgeous combination of artistic expression, smooth production, lavish vocals, and engaging electronica. Arguably one of Dylan’s most expressive and earnest records, it’s an album that you can lose yourself in at any point, whether you’re listening from start to finish, or in small glistening glimpses.

Based in Israel, Dylan Tauber, is one of the great driving forces that permeate the music scene, and not just with his music. Alongside his photography, he manages a network of twenty-four websites that showcase his electronic production, music videos, cyber art, writing, and photography, throughout which he has achieved over 5.4 million page views so far. With a career that spans more than twenty-five years, Dylan has proven his talents more than most, and with ‘I Am Alive’, he’s sounding more versatile and impressive than ever.

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