Dylan Tauber - ‘Sea People’

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Over the last few years, Dylan Tauber has treated us to some truly memorable albums, from last year’s ‘The Lagoon’, to the memorable combination of artistic expression and engaging electronica that was the recently released ‘I Am Alive’. Now, the talented Israel-based artist is back, sharing a new eleven-track collection in ‘Sea People’.

Capturing a new side to the distinguished electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer, and author, ‘Sea People’ delivers a captivating journey through new sonic terrains and remarkable human moments. His seventeenth album to date, ‘Sea People’ finds its roots in a secluded island in the Pacific, a small tropical space that has become etched into Dylan’s heart and soul. Encapsulating the very idea of paradise, the album reflects the magic of a beautiful turquoise lagoon and the enchanting draw of island life.

Described by Ariyel’s Blog as a “sonic postcard from a profound journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration,” the album is one of Dylan’s most striking records to date, exploring a central theme of one individual's relationship with themselves and the world around them. Lashing out with an intricate fusion of transcending vocals, and a sonic patchwork of world sounds, vibrant house anthemics, and chilled out melodies, it stands as an invigorating testament to his distinctive style.

At the heart of the album, Dylan uses tracks like ‘The Sea Remembers Its Own’, ‘Trust the Universe’, and ‘Unity’ to explore our connections with the world and each other, conjuring up wonderful reflective passages that look to love in all its forms. It’s a theme that Dylan artfully emphasises within the music and imagery of the album, blending serene sonic soundscapes with the enchanting experience of swimming in the tropical embrace of an island lagoon. Washed in pure electronic sounds that are as alluring and tempting as they are entertaining, ‘Sea People’ sees Dylan continuing to impress.

With seventeen albums now under his belt, you would be forgiven for thinking that Dylan would be running out of tricks, but ‘Sea People’ easily proves all those doubters wrong. Filled with his signature electronic sounds and a newfound focus on one profound theme, the album is simply a beautiful blend of modern electronic music, vocal trance, and flowing spirituality.

Dylan has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific career in 1996 with the ambitious ‘Double Mirrors’ anthology, which includes a book, photo slideshows, soundtrack, and one of the only artist websites still online since 1996. In addition to releasing 17 critically acclaimed transcendental electronica music albums, most for free download, through his Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan has built a network of twenty-four websites which showcase his electronic music, music videos, cyberart, writing, and photography.

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