EJ Carey – ‘Outlier’

Boston-based singer-songwriter EJ Carey has released her seminal new EP, ‘Outlier’, delivering five acclaimed tracks that perfectly illustrate her many musical talents. An stunning EP that follows the release of her debut nine-track album back in 2016, ‘Outlier’ is arguably one of the most enchanting releases of the year so far.

Armed with a textured sound that unites the angst-ridden anthems of the 2000s with the truth-bearing storytelling of country music, EJ’s blend of pop-rock packs an emotional punch that elevates it well above the mainstream. In the new EP, she takes audiences through her own journey of self-discovery and letting go, featuring powerful pop-rock vocals and pungent lyrics, serving as a cathartic and raw expression of a young woman coming of age.

“’Outlier’ was written during a transitional period of people coming and going from my life. I did not always have the answer to why it was happening, but I learned to trust that it was for a reason. The concept around ‘Outlier’ is about removing yourself from the planned trajectory and going where you haven’t been before, and it was built on the backs of the people who donated to help make this dream of an EP a reality,” says Carey.

“With the hard work of my producer and musicians, ‘Outlier’ turned out to be the symbol of triumph that I had written it to be, against all odds, we made something amazing despite the world being in a massive state of uncertainty. This EP is for everyone who is ready to confront themselves head-on and scream out the lyrics while they’re at it.”

Featuring singles ‘Rising Tides, Crashing Skies,’ ‘I Smile,’ and ‘Old Friends,’ and is available on all streaming platforms this Friday, September 24th. Outlier is written and performed by EJ Carey, produced by Bryan Fennelly, with guitar by Daniel Yoong and Dylan Easter, bass by Daniel Yoong, and drums by Kyle Harris.

Tune in to the new EP above and make sure you follow EJ Carey on her social media pages below for all the latest releases.

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