Joules Rio – ‘Struck Down’

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Late last month, we were introduced to the unique creative force of Joules Rio, a talented singer and songwriter who has been enchanting Florida and the East Coast for years. A free and spiritual artist, Joules made an indelible mark with the release of ‘Wake You Up’, a bold and wonderfully disarming single that shone within intoxicating rhythms, but today, she’s back with a whole new aural experience.

While ‘Wake You Up’ arrived as a shimmering cascade of neo-soul sounds and sharp urban flavours, Joules’ new single is far more direct, delivering a massive funk sound and plenty of danceable moments. Titled ‘Struck Down’, the single is a perfect example of Joules’ “retro music from the future", lashing out with wild rock’n’roll licks, a heavy, pulsating groove, and one of the best basslines that we’ve heard all year.

As soon as the song starts, Joules is in her element, stepping into the spotlight with a deft, intoxicating blend of expressive passages, gorgeous funk, and bold, visual lyrics that will have you enraptured. Musically, it’s wild, free, and totally unforgettable, delivering waves of funk, soul, and scorching hooks that make the most of every single moment.

Speaking candidly about the new single, Joules gave her own fun interpretation, explaining, “Welcome to the three-ring circus of love! Powerful, funk-rock drum beat with a searing hook line draws you in... Lyrics are all very visual and describe a fantastical and theatrical atmosphere. Each line of the verses could be something wild from your imagination, as it is from mine, and the hook describes the way that love is a spectacular beat down!!”

Backed by some spectacular artwork that captures the wild and free essence of the track, ‘Struck Down’ is a breath of fresh, vintage air that we couldn’t be happier to hear. Check it out below via Spotify.

A massive single that we’re incredibly proud to premiere, ‘Struck Down’ is another bold chapter in Joules’ unfolding legacy, channelling all the most expressive, vibrant, and soulful parts of her music and stitching them into a sublime three-and-a-half-minute epic.

Tune into the new single above and make sure you lend Joules your support by following her on her social media pages below.

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