Elay VanBoer - 'Golden Locks'

Earlier this month, we shared a review of Sentinel Events’ new album ‘Poor Historian’, a mesmerizing and deeply moving collection that featured the vocal talents of Elay VanBoer on one of the standout tracks. It was an unforgettable introduction to the talented artist, giving a glimpse into her introspective vocal style, and now, we're incredibly excited to feature her gorgeous debut single, 'Golden Locks'.

Released only recently, the single is another revealing and deeply effective introduction to Elay’s talents, blending a heartfelt melody with textured acoustic sounds, and her vibrant, glistening vocals. Initially recorded for a college project, ‘Golden Locks’ has now taken on a life of its own, perfectly illustrating Elay’s ability to convey the most genuine and perfect emotions through her music.

Conjuring up vivid emotions through acoustic guitar and lingering piano notes, the song shines with a gentle pop sound, conjuring up instant comparisons with artists like Amy Shark and Samia. The inclusion of subtle drums and building instrumentals that swell with the chorus ties in perfectly with the vocal refrain, creating one of those rare, perfect musical moments. It’s a simply brilliant platform, laying the foundation for Elay’s poetic lines like "If I show you the song I'm working on, will you join me in the chorus and sing along,” and "Can we stay up late to write a poem or a song, or maybe sculpt something to commemorate our love."

Available now, ‘Golden Locks’ is a thoroughly brilliant debut single that is highlighted through deeply moving lyrics and gorgeous vocals that carry the emotional weight of the piece. You can stream it below on Spotify and find it on all major streaming platforms.

A track that is simply too good to be ignored, ‘Golden Locks’ creates an impressive foundation for Elay’s work musical career, introducing her to the world with an evocative sound that will touch your heart and soul in the most enchanting of ways. For more from Elay, be sure to follow her on Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube below.

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