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EM$o – ‘The $urvivor’

  • 2 min read

After escaping one of the most dangerous areas in Switzerland, EM$o has released his debut album, ‘Differences’, a triumphant new release that features his emotional indie trap track, ‘The $urvivor’. A track that takes you back to the mentality he had to overcome to escape the trap life that others are quick to glamorise, it’s a single that perfectly illustrates EM$o charms and style.

With beats produced by Gibbo and mastered by Slade Templeton after being written and recorded by EM$o, ‘The $urvivor’ is built on a fine combination of his vulnerable lyrical style, smooth rhythmic instrumentals, and mellow yet impactful production.

Speaking about the new track and its inspiration, EM$o explained, “The $urvivor is based on my experiences on the streets in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, which is known as one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe. The single describes my mentality while living in that place and what it took to survive; not many in my circle made it out alive without ending up in jail or hospital. My parents did what they could to get me out; they taught me how to make smart moves and outsmart the dark mentality of the streets, which left me with a lust for money and power as a teenager. When my usual vices ceased working, I turned to music; I used my trap money to buy equipment, and in 2016 I started writing and recording my songs.”

A raw cut that will strike your soul in exactly the right place, ‘The $urvivor’ is an unapologetic journey through EM$o’s life, offering an honest and undeniable glimpse into the hardships he has overcome. Showing us how he rose from the darkest hour, there is so much strength in this message that will hopefully inspire many to find their way out of any adversity.

EM$o continued, speaking about the new album as a whole, “I created over 100 tracks, and only nine of them made the cut on my debut album, ‘Differences’, which was officially released in 2022. The LP is inspired by the transformation I’ve made in the last six years, from a dangerous and anxious kid scared of his actions to someone focused on their career and creativity. Even my music tastes have changed as I’ve picked up a love for Reggaeton, Dancehall and House, but my heart will always be in Trap, Rap and Hip hop. After my debut LP, I’ve got a few projects lined up which will drop with professional music videos.”

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