Turpentine Babycino - 'Write A Song Sounds Shit’

Getting lit with your friends, playing music and moving forward fast and loud is how Turpentine Babycino’s ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ came to be. When insecurities are heightened post-break-up, it can be easy to dismiss yourself when wrapped up in your own self-doubt and judgment, but forging forward with stubborn resilience can often form the greatest outcomes.

With heavy influences from Blink-182 and Newcastle upstarts Dave The Band, Turpentine Babycino have combined the natural connection of Gabriel Argiris and singer Georgie Winchester to form a break-up anthem that flowed out naturally during their writing sessions. Recorded at iconic The Grove Studios with work from Chloe Gill on the production, the track was mixed by ARIA Award Winning producer Paul McKercher, before being sent to Studio 301 to be mastered.

The band explained, “'Write A Song Sounds Shit’ is about the aftermath of a break-up. Big parties, loud music, long nights and writing shitty break-up songs are often on the cards to help ‘forget’ about an ex. As a song-writer it’s easy to dismiss a great song due to self doubt and judgment and after a break-up, these insecurities are heightened. ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ is that shitty break-up song that nobody’s supposed to hear, except people will this time.”

They continued, “The vocalist and drummer make most of the music together including the track ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ which stemmed from a riff. The melody and lyrical ideas stemmed from past break-up experiences and the song flowed naturally as if it was meant to be.”

With a reputation for bringing loud rock and a punky 90’s fuzz to shows across NSW, Turpentine Babycino are set to capitalize on their demand in Newcastle and across the state, by taking their honest & vulnerable tunes, to stages across Australia, ready to pull audiences everywhere aboard with Turpentine Babycino.

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