Estonia’s Stone Throne share miraculous new single ‘Cold’

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Forming as a two-man band in June of 2021, Estonia’s Stone Throne have spent the last few years delivering a string of impressive metal anthems, from the devastating and expansive ‘One Way’ to the raw and passionate ‘Needles’. With over 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the Tallinn-based band have left a trail of dark, explosive metal sounds, and today, they’re back with another irrepressible cut.

Titled ‘Cold’, the new single is a miraculous release that almost didn’t make it. Originally written for the local Eesti Laul song contest, ‘Cold’ was recorded under unusual circumstances that everyone was lucky to survive. The band explained, “Unfortunately, there was very little time left before the submission time ended, so the band was in a hurry. Stone Throne decided to work with Are Kangus, a professional sound engineer with whom they have been working previously. Last vocal takes were done 20 minutes prior to last train departure. After recording was done, sound engineer Are tried to stand up from his chair (unsuccessfully) and hit the mixing console with his ribs, had to go to hospital afterwards.”

“Guitarist Leon after returning to the city by train decided to take a scooter to arrive at home faster, because the next day he was having first day on new job. While riding he fell off from the scooter, heavily bruising his head and eye. You know how they say, luckily nobody was killed that day.”

Possibly Stone Throne’s most cataclysmic single to date, ‘Cold’ is a dark, atmospheric journey through reverberating bass tones and fierce guitar lines, capturing a heavy, modern metal sound that will shake you to your core. Featuring heYou of Prizrak Zeltoj Sobak, ‘Cold’ is a brilliant addition to Stone Throne’s discography, brandishing a raucous blend of metal anthemics that cut you to the quick time and time again. You can stream ‘Cold’ now on Spotify.

Along with the release of their new single, Stone Throne have also performed many local gigs, such as Barber Feast, and they impressively won a Battle of the Bands tournament. With a sound compared to that of Deftones and Gojira, Stone Throne are making waves and carving out a brilliant new path. For more from the band, be sure to check out their Spotify and social media pages below.

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