Space Owl deliver an undeniable sonic odyssey in new single ‘Flask’

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A band that revels in creating vast genre-bending epics and rapturous sonic soundscapes, Space Owl is the creative culmination of Ari Joshua, Bob Lovelace. John Ewing, and David Appelbaum. A unique and expansive project that has been building evolving since 2011, Space Owl have recently shared their latest impressive cut, showcasing a multi-faceted and engaging sound that is both familiar and wonderfully innovative.

Simply titled ‘Flask’, the new single surfaced online today, emerging through the crushing maelstrom of Christmas songs to deliver an intoxicating rock and roll anthology distilled into six-and-a-half minutes. Billed by the band as a “genre-bending behemoth”, ‘Flask’ is a song that takes no time in arriving, bursting into life with jaunty, cosmically tinged instruments. There is an immediate interplay between the guitar, bass, drums, and keys, with each artist and instrument working in harmony with a joyous free-flowing jazz energy.

As the song continues, the transformative qualities of Space Owl arrive in full show, and the song shifts effortlessly between different time signatures and key changes, reflecting the innovative nature of the band. Through the changing focal points, Space Owl infuse the song with a broad spectrum of sounds, delving into etching of progressive rock, jazz fusion, and even classical music to bring the epic to life. At the heart of ‘Flask’, Ari’s guitar stands tall, leading the track at every turn, but while memorable, you can’t help but notice how seamlessly and balanced the whole piece is, with every member of the band making themselves known.

A magical piece, ‘Flask’ is one of those rare tracks that needs to be heard several times before you can really appreciate every piece of it. Every subsequent listen brings about a new touch of wonder, with the ever-changing melody constantly building new structures upon this dazzling sonic soundscape. Intricately detailed and almost infinitely expansive, ‘Flask’ is a song that deserves all the praise and attention it can find.

In a recent interview with Ari, he told us, “My sound is a conduit for emotions, reflective of how I feel. ‘Flask’ is a great example…”, and in truth, we couldn’t agree more. Effortlessly enjoyable and so easy to get lost in, ‘Flask’ is a true testament to the band’s abilities, taking a song that is complex and wonderfully detailed, and making it easily accessible and instantly enjoyable.

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