Estonian duo Stone Throne unveil their powerful debut album ‘Depths’

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Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Tallinn, Estonia, Stone Throne has quickly garnered attention with its powerful brand of alternative metal. Formed in June 2021, the band has honed their sound through captivating live performances, and a string of impressive singles like last year’s ‘Cold’, and now, they’ve unveiled their powerful debut album ‘Depths’.

The creation of their debut album stands as a testament to both their dedication and adaptability, channelling a hard rock edge into a brilliant slice of modern expression. An album that reflects the band’s passion, the band started recording ‘Depths’ at the historic Linnahall in Tallinn, a building steeped in the legacy of the Soviet-era Olympic Games. Under the guidance of sound engineer Are Kangus, the band began translating their musical vision into reality.

The album's journey took an unexpected turn when Kangus relocated. Undeterred, Stone Throne followed suit, with vocalist and guitarist Leon actively participating in the construction of a new studio in the picturesque town of Laitse, Estonia. Surrounded by natural beauty, they meticulously completed their debut album.

A potent reflection of Stone Throne's passion and perseverance, ‘Depths’ is laced with thunderous riffs and impassioned vocals, diving into the complexities of life's experiences. Described by the band as a "groovy scream for help," it offers a cathartic exploration of emotional highs and lows.

Stone Throne's story embodies artistic growth, unwavering determination, and the transformative power of music. Their debut album, ‘Depths’, marks an exciting milestone in their musical ascent.

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