Royal Fools: Twin brothers blending East Coast grit with West Coast energy

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From a small East Coast town to the vibrant house show scene of Los Angeles, identical twin brothers August and Greyson Suchecki – the musical duo known as Royal Fools – are forging their own path in the pop-rock scene.

The brothers began their journey in high school, armed with the simple desire to make music together. When finding other collaborators proved difficult, necessity became the mother of invention, and Greyson dove into mixing, production, and digital composition, giving the Fools a unique DIY edge. Through their early years on the East Coast, Royal Fools developed a raw, wonderfully candid quality in their songwriting, while artfully balancing playful exuberance with heavy, alt-rock anthemics.

A pivotal moment in the band’s development came when moving to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. The West Coast fuelled their sound and identity, spurred on by the intimacy and immediacy of the house show scene. Inspired by the importance of going beyond typical rock elements, August and Greyson strived to create meaningful, metaphorical lyrics that spark reflection.

In April of 2023, the brothers released their long-awaited and highly anticipated debut single ‘Pretender’, a significant milestone for August and Greyson. Later, the band played a performance at the iconic Moroccan Lounge, fulfilling a promise they made to themselves. The stripped-down, duo-only setup of that show highlighted the intricate production value of their work, a hallmark of their style.

This year, the brothers released their sophomore single ‘Bats in the Attic’, showcasing a more mature and complex sound that perfectly reflects their growth as a band. A band on the rise, Royal Fools have found a way to perfectly blend the grit of their East Coast roots with the infectious energy of their adopted home. This potent mix, along with their commitment to impactful songwriting, sets them apart as a duo to watch in the vibrant Los Angeles music scene.

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