Ethos – ‘Begin’

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An enigmatic artist and producer building elegant electronic sounds, Ethos is a fresh talent with plenty to prove. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ethos has been building and refining their style for some time now, pushing the boundaries of modern electronica and making their mark with a stellar debut album that is simply called ‘Begin’.

Delivering twelve original songs that balance vintage sounds with more modern production, ‘Begin’ is a unique slice of independent electronic music, carving out a path that is sure to impress even the most stubborn of fans. Described as “an elegant cross between the sound of 8bit video games and hip-hop style drums, inspired by the saying "There can be no light without darkness", the album is poignant, progressive, and utterly enthralling, creating a unique, ruminative space.

Armed with tracks such as ‘Shadows’, ‘Depth’, and the brilliant ‘Flight’, which is streaming now as part of our annual Spotify playlist, the album builds brilliantly, offering a sharp and immersive insight into Ethos’ bold creative world. Purely instrumental in nature, it’s an album that shines through cascading synths and vibrant techno influences.

Available now on all major platforms including Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify below, ‘Begin’ is an essential new release for any electronic music fan. Check it out today.

Definitely an album to dive into, ‘Begin is modern electronica done to perfection, offering an engaging blend of styles that is disarming, engaging, and easily enjoyable. You can stream the full album above, and make sure you check out Ethos’ Bandcamp page below where you purchase your own digital copy.

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