Fake Dad - 'So Dramatic!'

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Andrea de Varona (she/her) and Josh Ford (he/him), better known as Fake Dad are a Los Angeles based bedroom synth pop meets indie rock duo. Formed in 2020, the two met at a college party in the East Village and have been inseparable ever since. Melting their own unique artistic visions to build a shared sonic shorthand, Fake Dad create an intoxicating and colorful musical fusion complete with quirky synths, catchy pop-laden hooks and sun-soaked layered guitars. With a signature production sound and distinct vocal warmth, the two write and record expansive musical moments from their apartment. Although Andrea and Josh come from different musical backgrounds, they share a common goal: to create music that understands you.

The duo’s forthcoming EP, 'Yerba Mala', takes a deep dive into interpersonal relationship dynamics in an ever-changing world. In particular, the project explores frontperson Andrea de Varona’s nuanced relationship with a first-gen Latinx identity. 'Yerba Mala' is a Spanish phrase that Andrea’s mother would use in gardening to describe the weeds and vines that needed to be removed so that new flowers could grow every season.

“From friends to family to hometowns, these songs explore what it’s like to grow with (or apart from) other people in search of self-betterment. Sometimes relationships change. Sometimes they get stronger, and sometimes they have to be left behind in order for you to heal and grow into the version of you that was always there, waiting to bloom,” confides Andrea. The five-track EP is a genre-bending adventure of sound with elements of rock, pop, synth and electronic all colliding for an unforgettable listen.

Leading track 'So Dramatic!', is a bilingual English / Spanish song that lightheartedly teases melodrama and over-the-top theatrics. Brimming with an energetic, vibrant melody and playful multi-layered vocals, Andrea sings, “I’m so dramatic, actin’ like I’m drowning on the Titanic.” She further adds, "Having bilingual lyrics that are never fully in Spanish was very intentional because we're trying to capture the identity and existing duality of being a Hispanic person in America who may have grown up speaking primarily one language at home but largely another in the outside world." 

Fake Dad aims to create music that is an invaluable source of comfort for their listeners. The duo are open with their own struggles of battling anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia, hoping their transparency will help others know they are not alone. With a unique musical perspective, and an unparalleled communal bond with their listeners, Fake Dad have already garnered much deserved attention, landing over a dozen official Spotify playlists and selling out shows in their hometown. 'Yerba Mala' is another chapter in their evolution as artists. The EP is due October 19th, 2023 worldwide.

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