Sleepy Mi - ‘Valentine Deals’

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The debut single from newcomer Sleepy Mi, ‘Valentine Deals’ is a rapturous lofi track inspired by “club nights, summer days at the beach, falling in love and falling out of love.” The first single from the Los Angeles artist, it’s an impressive and impactful snapshot into her creative process, offering an immersive foundation for her upcoming EP.

Written in February of this year about a Valentine’s Day date, Sleepy Mi’s debut single is a dreamy and psych-pop introduction that takes form slowly, offering a free, experimental style that is complimented by her dream-like vocals. Speaking about the single, she explained, “I experimented with a lot of different chord progressions on this song. The vocals come in half way during the song, mainly because I love to freestyle and I leave the beginning part of the song without lyrics because it leaves space for creative input from the listener, it's an open section for you to speak out anything that your mind may feel.”

A debut single that shines with shifting layers of sound, ‘Valentine Deals’ is an engrossing blend of lofi jazz, hip-hip, and darker indie elements, blurring the lines between genres and making an instantly recognisable sound that is unique to Sleepy Mi. Available now on all major platforms, it’s a single that perfectly announces Sleepy Mi as an artist to watch over the next few years.

Along with the release of ‘Valentine Deals’, Sleepy Mi has also shared news of her upcoming debut EP, saying, “Many more songs coming soon. I'm working on an EP that includes a lot of indie, grunge, goth, pop and psychedelic sounds, hopefully coming out before the end of 2023.”

An artist who can find inspiration in anything, Sleep Mi also added, “I'm from Los Angeles, a lot of my music style is influenced by Surf Rock and Post punk, Skate punk. I love skating, I love to read and study ancient history, painting and working on ceramic pieces. I make all my music on my own, I play guitar, bass, piano and drums. I taught myself how to play music, what else, I enjoy dancing a lot and going out with friends. Keep on rocking!"

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