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Falsely Accused – ‘Stay Gold’

  • 2 min read

A powerhouse trio who has filled Boston and the New England area with their own unique brand of cataclysmic blues, Falsely Accused is well and truly a band on the rise. With a raucous sound and style that are cut from the same cloth as rock‘n’roll icons like Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys, their sound covers the full spectrum of both vintage and modern sounds, offering timeless energy that shines with their own brilliant twist.

Citing influences that range from the early days of swamp blues to the edgier genres of hard rock, the close-knit trio of Mike Azzolino, Matt Tavano, and Mark Young has wasted little time in making their mark, delivering a titanic debut album that we shone a spotlight on just a little while. Now, we’re looking further into the tracks that made their album so great, starting with the brilliant blues epic of ‘Stay Gold’.

A single that acts as a transformative piece on the album, ‘Stay Gold’ is a brilliant shift from the caustic sounds of ‘Hellbound’ and ‘The Messenger’, delivering in their place a more expressive alt-rock and neo-blues sound. It’s a gorgeous piece of modern artistry, offering a unique glimpse into the band’s timeless inspirations, while also showcasing their own brilliant talents.

Available now on Spotify, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘Stay Gold’ is one of the album’s highlights, and a true illustration of Falsely Accused’s seemingly limitless abilities.

Bold, brilliant, and constantly invigorating, ‘Compression’ is an album that pulls no punches and holds absolutely nothing back, crashing down upon you with fierce, enduring energy and plenty of homegrown determination.

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