Film composer BC Smith makes his debut with the poignant and reflective ‘Ashes’

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A talented and respected composer who has scored over forty-five films in his career, including Chris Eyre’s award-winning ‘Smoke Signals’, Toby Hooper’s ‘Djinn’, and MGM’s ‘Mod Squad’, BC Smith has recently shared his debut solo single.

Simply titled ‘Ashes’, the single is a gorgeous, ambient, and wonderfully reflective piece that sees the brilliant composer shedding new light on his own personal moments. Filled with sweeping, emotive passages that take form from shimmering piano keys and lingering acoustic guitar, ‘Ashes’ is an immersive listening experience that draws you in perfectly. Through shifting rhythmic shapes and BC Smith’s distinctive creative touch, the song evolves into an unparalleled world of cinematic orchestration. 

Speaking openly about the single, and his journey into music outside of film scores, BC Smith shared, “As a film composer, I've had the privilege of scoring 45+ films, but it wasn’t until recently that I became interested in releasing my own music. "Ashes" holds a special place in my heart. It's a musical narrative that reflects my personal journey, a tone poem of sonic exploration and layers of emotion.”

He continued, “With ‘Ashes’ I've aimed to craft a composition that transcends traditional boundaries, blending elements of acoustic guitars processed through modular synthesizers, piano, sound design and cinematic orchestration.”

A stunning release that sees BC Smith bringing his own creative vision to life, ‘Ashes’ is an intimate and undeniable release, blending touching acoustic with bold experimentation. A release filled with beautiful dissonance and a spirited exploration of sounds, rhythms, and textures, ‘Ashes’ is an experience worth taking time and time again.

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