Fold - ‘Sustain’

A band who are gaining a solid reputation as a gem in the crown of the Yorkshire music scene, Fold are back in the spotlight and teasing the release of their emotive new single 'Sustain'.

Celebrating their tenth year together, the band's new single is a wonderfully impassioned piece, capturing the voices of bell hooks and Mike Ruppert in a very special tribute to the two icons.

Speaking about the new single and it's meaning on their social media pages and press releases, the band explained, "There's a bit of a story behind our upcoming single. This year marks our 10th birthday as a group. We looked back at all of the voices on our records and realised that two people have left us in that time: bell hooks (2021) and Mike Ruppert (2014). Although they may seem an unlikely pairing, their vision of how to move forward was much the same: communities sustain life. This has also been our most important learning and so the track was born. We then infused it with as much danceable joy as we could muster."

They continued, "And so with joy and hope for the future we celebrate the lives and learnings of bell hooks and Mike Ruppert along with our own 10 year voyage."

Set for release on October 13th, the single is available to pre-save now on all major digital platforms thanks to Subtxt.

Often compared to Public Service Broadcasting (whom Fold have both supported and remixed) Fold’s musical deployment of the human voice has been influenced most by the likes of Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Lemon Jelly and Steve Reich. Though Fold often use existing soundbites from known figures such as Bruce Lee and Malcolm X they also collaborate with active speakers including the celebrated UK poet Mr Gee.

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