For The Dead – ‘Cataclysm’

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A five-piece metal group who have been carving up the local Bakersfield scene since the fall of 2018, For The Dead have proven themselves to be a rare breed of band. Built to inspire and invigorate, they’re a band bonded by brotherhood and united by metal, offering an unyielding and wonderfully relentless sound that few are able to stand against. While they first hit their stride with the release their five-track EP ‘Requiem: For The Dead’ in 2019, it’s their latest single that has really put them on our musical radar.

Entitled ‘Cataclysm’, the new single is the second in a strong line of rough-and-ready releases that have stuck in the side of 2020, following on from the brutal strains of ‘Your Descent’, and championing a more melodic and polyrhythmic sound.

Available to stream now on all major platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, ‘Cataclysm’ is an instantly recognisable and unforgettable new single that blends together the very best elements of modern metal. With sharp, melodic guitar leads and a wonderfully chaotic air, it forges ahead, wiping clean any other sound and absolutely demanding to be heard. Inspired by modern metal titans such as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and After the Burial, the new single manages to create a sound that is both fiercely original and unmistakably familiar, building on some tried and true mainstream sounds and then elevating them with a sharp twist of originality.

Bold, brash, and utterly essential, ‘Cataclysm’ is a perfect introduction to For The Dead, as well as a telling example of what we can expect from their highly anticipated new EP, ‘Redemption From Sorrow’, which is set for releases later this year.

Tune in today and be sure to follow For The Dead on their social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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