Fort Worth's The Flying Beets unleash captivating new single ‘Villain’

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Born from Fort Worth's blossoming indie-rock scene, The Flying Beets have arrived with a stellar new single, simply titled ‘Villain’. The trio, fronted by Nathan Waller, a popular DFW-based singer and songwriter, delivers a sonic punch with the new single, delving into nostalgic and relatable '90s rock vibes.

Backed by David Cross on bass and Kenn Scott on drums, The Flying Beets’ collective energy propelled ‘Villian’ onto our radar, perfectly capturing a melodic, yet rustic rock sound. Musically and lyrically, ‘Villain’ explores the seductive undercurrents of our darker impulses, serving as a bold testament to the band's depth and willingness to tackle complex themes. A powerful track, ‘Villain’ signals a bright future for The Flying Beets, following some solid early singles in ‘Maybe Baby’ and ‘Radio Song’.

While The Flying Beets formed in the spring of 2022, their music exhibits a maturity that transcends their short time together. ‘Villain’ is no exception – showcasing Waller's songwriting prowess fuelled by potent guitar riffs and a relentless rhythm section. The song's catchy hook and Waller's dynamic vocals create an experience that will appeal to fans across genres.

‘Villain’ is available now on all major streaming platforms. If you're in the Fort Worth area, watch out for The Flying Beets' live shows, as this high-energy song is primed to be a massive fan favourite.

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