Rosa Venenosa embraces the beast within with mythical techno single ‘Cancerbera’

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Prepare to be mesmerized and challenged as singer-songwriter Rosa Venenosa unveils her latest musical creation, ‘Cancerbera’. This potent single, released just a few days ago, delves into a pulsating sonic realm where mythology, poetry, techno, and industrial beats collide.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Cerberus, the three-headed hound guardian of the underworld, Rosa reimagines the creature as ‘Cancerbera’ – a potent hybrid of woman and beast. This transformation reflects the song's core theme: the duality within us, the dance between our gentler selves and the untamed power we possess.

‘Cancerbera’ weaves a lyrical tapestry exploring internal conflict, raw strength, and breaking free from self-imposed limitations. Rosa’s words paint vivid imagery, beckoning listeners to consider their own inner struggles. Techno and industrial rhythms provide the song's propulsive backbone, creating an avant-garde soundscape where electronic energy fuses with raw, poetic expression.

This compelling single is part of Rosa’s upcoming EP, ‘Quimeras’, further hinting at the fascinating themes the artist will explore. You can stream the new single below via Spotify.

Known for her boundary-pushing artistry, Rosa Venenosa's work blends her vocal prowess with poetic storytelling, creating a distinctive niche within the creative landscape. ‘Cancerbera’ solidifies her reputation as an innovator, fearlessly merging diverse artistic elements into something genuinely captivating.

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