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Foxtide - 'Already Gone'

  • 1 min read

San Diego based four piece Foxtide crafts explosive surf jazz infused psych rock that is as fresh as it is nostalgic. Composed of four close knit friends all raised in sunny Southern California, the band came together during garage jam sessions and over their shared eclectic musical palette and influences.

Founding member Elijah Gibband Croft (lead guitar and vocals) the following members Dom Friedly (guitar), Oey James (bass) and Ian Robles (drums) complete the lineup, bringing a wildly diverse array of talents and sonic perspectives. Known for their expansive and immersiverock landscapes filled with melodic basslines, splashy cutting guitars, and catchy sun soaked melodies, Foxtide’s sound is cathartic and captivating. The band is hugely self made with an authentic DIY aesthetic.

With their latest single 'Already Gone', Foxtide touches on themes such as isolation, boredom and living in a relentless routine while following the story and internal dialogue of a man who is led to follow societal norms. Incorporating the band member’s experiences of mindlessly working dead end jobs and feeling as though they are wasting their time, 'Already Gone' is an autobiographical account of the hardships of getting by. Combining 80’s new wave inspired sonics with early 2000’s NYC indie rock landscapes, 'Already Gone' harnesses a melancholic yet enthralling musical journey. 

With inspirations such asTame Impala, The Strokes, The Beatles, The Police, The Beach Boys, and King Krule Foxtide takes their own music to new depths, creating an experimental sound that is equally familiar. With a thrilling live show to boot, Foxtide is a band on the rise.

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