Free Grunt – ‘No Time’

An artist on a mission to free us all “from the chains of basic electronic pop”, Free Grunt is perhaps one of the best discoveries of 2021 so far. An enigmatic musician with a penchant for fiercely original electronic sounds, Free Grunt has been kicking around Denver’s music scene for over two decades, but it’s only recently that he’s truly stepping into the spotlight. Armed with a unique sound that ties together modern electro-pop with dark, heavy-hitting beats, he’s become a fixture of the underground, and now, with the release of new single ‘No Time’, he’s about to become of the genre’s most promising talents.

After self-releasing his debut track ‘Faster’ in March, and gaining over 40,000 views in just over a month, it’s clear that Free Grunt knows how to make his mark, but with ‘No Time’, he’s taken things even further, lashing out with a relentless stream of dizzying electronic beats, undulating sounds, and vocals that revel in dark, howling anthemics. Musically, the song is a masterclass in fierce, new age electronica, diving into the grey area between pop and future techno, offering some keen comparisons with bands like Autokratz and Pvris.

A perfect successor to the raging energy of ‘Faster’, along with a titanic illustration of Free Grunt’s inimitable sound, everything about ‘No Time’ is built to invigorate and create an effect, and it does both time and time again. Available now on all major platforms, along with top billing on our Spotify playlists, ‘No Time’ is an essential new release that simply demands to be heard.

Check it out below via Spotify, or click here to find it on Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and more.

Easily one of our favourite tracks from this month, ‘No Time’ is the sort of release that leaves a lasting impression, and if Free Grunt can keep releasing songs on the same sort of scale, he’s quickly become one of the most iconic artists around. Check out the new cut today and be sure to follow Free Grunt on his social media pages below so you never miss a new release.

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