KUND! – ‘Moonwalker’

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A South Georgia native with a penchant for soulful ambience, KUND! has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the most exciting talents in the vibrant world of contemporary RnB. A multi-faceted singer, writer, and musician, KUND! has become synonymous with rich, smooth riffs, passionate vocals, and stripped down, experimental sounds that crash against a textured, lo-fi production style. Now, with the release of his latest single ‘Moonwalker’, KUND! has well and truly landed on the main stage.

The fifth track to be taken from his new EP ‘O, Solemn Night: The Pvrple Tapes’, ‘Moonwalker’ is arguable one of KUND!’s finest releases to date, capturing an effortless sense of harmony that is bolstered perfectly by a steady beat, glistening keyboard strokes, and some sharp stylistic touches. Lyrically, it’s a track filled with sonic dissonance and a keen eye for observation, one that drifts perfectly between moments of infinite darkness and rousing triumphs.

Speaking candidly, KUND! explained his inspiration for the track, saying “In this song, I detail my experiences with insomnia. ‘Moonwalker’ refers to anyone who's gone to the moon, or rather, anyone who’s tried to get away from all the noise and escape their own troubles but failed in the process. As a result, they’re forced to sit with the demons they were trying to get away from. They then roam the earth at night, unable to find the rest and peace they so desperately seek. He continued, “This EP was an outlet for me to express my relationship with my demons, and, in turn, it helped me learn how to live with them, because you can never run away from them, no matter how hard you try.”

Offering an ensnaring wave of contemporary RnB sounds and familiar ‘80s vibes, ‘Moonwalker’ is an impressive artistic leap for KUND!, one that sees him leaving behind the more linear sounds of his previous releases in favour of multi-layered, ultra-smooth sounds and expansive, experimental harmonies. Tune in to the new single below via Spotify.

Along with ‘Moonwalker’, you can also stream the full EP, which cycles through waves of highs, lows, victories and defeats, settling restlessly between harmony and chaos, while all the while pushing for something more.

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