Georgie Winchester - ‘Follow The Sound’

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After releasing the single ‘Follow The Sound’, Georgie Winchester now releases her beautifully made debut album 'Follow The Sound'; with her unique sound separating her from the rest.

'Follow The Sound' has a broad eclectic sound, with influences from Kim Churchill, Adam Newling and The Waifs. From ballads to upbeat indie-rock, the album features eight original tracks that tastefully highlight Georgie Winchester’s strong songwriting, production and powerful vocals.

This album follows Georgie’s personal journey and life experiences as she delves into heartbreak, hope and resilience, taking the listening audience on a journey with her through powerful and emotional lyrics. This is beautifully highlighted throughout the album in tracks including ‘Follow The Sound’ and ‘Anything Else’ with themes of growth and evolving.

Speaking about the new record, Georgie said, “The album is a collection of all my best songs I’ve written over the past three years. Each one is different, I didn’t want every song to sound the same. They all have their own story and reason for making the album.”

Utilising her audio-engineering degree, Georgie Winchester recorded the majority of ‘Follow The Sound’ in her bedrooms over the past year. She also collaborated with Sean Cook (Maids, Ben Leece, GARVEN) who mixed the album, as well as Joe Carra (Russell Morris, The Mojos, The Teskey Brothers) who mastered the album helping create the striking masterpiece that is 'Follow The Sound'.

Georgie continued, “I recorded the album in various bedrooms I’ve occupied in the past year. Five were recorded in my then-home in Mayfield and the other three ‘Best For You’, ‘Follow The Sound’ & ‘Golden Times’ in my current place in Newcastle. I have an audio-engineering diploma from SAE Sydney which has given me so much knowledge on using my updated gear and programs properly. This process works for me as I can take my time and make sure the tracks come out exactly how I want them.”

Follow The Sound features ‘Friends With The Flies’ and ‘Anything Else’.  These tracks focus on finding peace with the complexities within your life, as it follows Georgie’s childhood journey.

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