MER - 'When I'm Alone'

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A talented indie artist based in the bustling heart of NYC, MER has shared her latest seminal single, an indie-folk style song inspired by artists like dijon.

Titled 'When I'm Alone', the new single sees MER exploring themes of loneliness and regression, offering an emotive glimpse into modern life with her emotive lyrics and luscious harmonies. Speaking about the single, MER shared that she wanted "it to have a tone similar to the movie Frances Ha", creating a sweeping sound that leads you to find your own internal harmony.

Speaking further about the release on his Instagram page, MER contined, "'When I’m Alone' is out now and i could not be more excited to share this song!! this is the first piece off my new project that will explore loneliness and regression and i think the style and production really captures these feelings. as always, the biggest thank you to @bentcoleman (one of the greatest minds in the indie scene) who produced, mixed, and mastered this. we strove to make it as messy and real and human as possible and i can’t wait for you all to hear what we have to come <3"

MER, real name Meredith Marcum, is originally from Waco, Texas, but moved to NYC where she is currently based. Her sound is inspired by the musicians of her childhood,  but also sculpted by the popular music of today, capturing a timeless sound that is wonderfully her own.

Armed with intimate lyrics, luscious harmonies, and an emotive style that explores the rawest human emotions, MER has become an artist to watch in recent years, playing iconic venues all over NYC.

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