Ghost Fan Club Emerges from the Shadows with Haunting New EP

Florida's Tyler Costolo, known for his diverse musical ventures spanning folk, bedroom pop, and heavy metal, returns to his softer side with the release of the self-titled 'Ghost Fan Club' EP. This marks a significant development in Costolo's sonic journey, building upon his earlier slowcore and bedroom pop foundations while exploring darker themes and incorporating a newfound urgency.

Ghost Fan Club, established in 2020, initially served as an outlet for Costolo's more subdued compositions. The project gained traction with the release of the heartfelt 'Goodbye World, Hello Ghosts' EP and the TikTok hit 'Speak to Me'. However, Costolo's subsequent exploration of harsher sounds under the Two Meters moniker led to a period of personal and creative flux.

"I wrote these songs during a point of major turmoil in my life," Costolo explains. "I was mostly drifting along, trying to make peace with so much of my existence being out of my control and time slipping by while I was trying to catch up."

The self-titled EP, released on July 5th, sees Costolo re-embracing Ghost Fan Club's signature melancholic sound with renewed vigour. The addition of drummer Tom Morris has injected a driving energy into the music, complementing Costolo's introspective songwriting as he grapples with themes of depression, grief, and lost time.

"I wanted to create something that felt both familiar and new, something that captured the essence of Ghost Fan Club while pushing the boundaries of what I had done before," Costolo adds. "This EP is a reflection of my personal growth and a testament to the power of music to heal and transform."

While retaining the intimacy and hazy production of his earlier work, the EP delves into deeper emotional territory, inviting listeners to lean in and decipher the subtle nuances within each track. From the haunting melodies to the introspective lyrics, Ghost Fan Club's self-titled EP is a captivating testament to Costolo's evolving artistry.

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