Grace Pettis Shares Highly Anticipated New Album, 'Down To The Letter', Delivering a Cathartic Musical Journey

Award-winning singer-songwriter Grace Pettis is back with a bang, having just released her eagerly awaited album, 'Down To The Letter', on June 14th. Following her critically acclaimed 'Working Woman', this sophomore release under MPress Records is already generating buzz, capturing Pettis at the zenith of her songwriting prowess.

'Down To The Letter' is a poignant exploration of heartache and recovery, chronicling the end of a long-term relationship with searing honesty. The album delves deep into Pettis' personal experiences, yet manages to strike a universal chord, offering listeners a cathartic journey through grief, vulnerability, and eventual triumph.

The album is produced by the lauded Mary Bragg, known for her work with Natalie Price. Bragg also produced Pettis' debut album on MPress, and her return for 'Down To The Letter' brings a familiar yet evolved sound. "I knew this album would be challenging," says Pettis. "I was too close to these songs and the subject matter to be all that objective with things like song and production choices. But I was in good hands with Mary."

Grounded by Pettis' powerful vocals and acoustic guitar, the album features stellar contributions from a host of talented musicians. Josh Kaler brings his expertise on pedal steel and guitars, while Owen Biddle and Jordan Perlson handle the bass and drums. Jon Estes adds depth with his upright bass, cello, piano, and B-3, and Will Hawley introduces horns to the uplifting track 'Joy'. The album achieves a balance of aching intimacy with ballads like 'Horses' and 'Sobering Up', and candid, upbeat tracks such as 'Rain' and 'I Didn't Break This'.

The lead single, 'I Take Care of Me Now', which premiered in Glide Magazine, sets the tone for this emotionally resonant album. The final recording sessions saw Pettis' Nashville musician friends join in, lending their voices to tracks like 'Joy', creating a makeshift choir that enriches the album's communal feel. Guest vocals from Mary Bragg, Robby Hecht, and Emily Scott Robinson round out this heartfelt collection of songs.

Grace Pettis' 'Down To The Letter' is now available, offering a cathartic release that captures the essence of resilience and personal growth through the power of music. Don't miss out on experiencing this remarkable journey firsthand.

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