OSKA's 'Forever Blue' Is A Celestial Road Trip Back to Joyful Nostalgia

Austrian songstress OSKA has dropped a new single that's as uplifting as it is introspective. 'Forever Blue' inspired by a simple car ride with an old friend, exudes a warmth and glow that'll have you tapping your toes and reminiscing about carefree days.

"It felt like being children again; playing, goofing around, snoozing off in the car; not a worry in the world," OSKA shares, recalling the moment that sparked the song. But beneath the surface of this joyful nostalgia lies a deeper reflection on life's inevitable changes and the solace found in friendship.

The track itself is an upbeat blend of jangly guitars, celestial harmonies, and a percussive rhythm that's simply irresistible. It paints a vivid picture of a summer road trip, encouraging listeners to find joy in life's little pleasures. As OSKA sings, "You get the car, I'll get the fuel, turn the keys, we'll be home soon, I'll play the song, you've got the moves," it's hard not to smile along.

This latest release follows OSKA's debut album, 'My World, My Love, Paris', where she candidly shared stories of her family life and growing up in the world. Now, with 'Forever Blue', she continues to mesmerize with her authentic lyricism and tender melodies.

OSKA's musical journey has been nothing short of impressive. Since signing with Nettwerk in 2020, her music has garnered millions of streams and won her numerous awards, including the prestigious "MUSIC MOVES EUROPE AWARDS AT ESNS 2023."

Her talent hasn't gone unnoticed by critics either. Under The Radar, COLLiDE, Atwood Magazine, and more have sung her praises. She's shared the stage with renowned artists like Tom Odell and even graced the SXSW stage in 2024.

With an upcoming duet with BANNERS and a supporting gig alongside Maggie Rogers for Coldplay's tour, OSKA's star continues to rise. 'Forever Blue' is just another testament to her captivating artistry and ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. It's a reminder to embrace life's simple joys and cherish the friendships that bring us peace, even amidst life's inevitable changes.

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