Gray Days – ‘Nowhere To Hide’

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An expressive indie-rock artist who has been growing in both confidence and style over the past few years, Gray Days is continuing his run of impressive independent releases with his new EP, ‘Nowhere To Hide’.

An EP that Gray Days has been teasing since the release of lead singles ‘Chasing’ and ‘To Be Unseen’ earlier this year, ‘Nowhere To Hide’ is a welcoming new chapter for the Central Coast artist, building on his familiar sound with a range of new ideas and inspirations. Delving deeper into his signature style while showcasing growth and experimentation, ‘Nowhere To Hide’ is an impressive collection of captivating melodies and heartfelt songwriting, ensuring that it lands as a compelling addition to Gray Days' discography.

Kicking off with fresh song ‘Melonmouth’, Gray Days wastes no time in painting an enticing indie-pop sound, splicing dream-pop grooves with drifting, imaginative echoes. It’s a single that forms organically, creeping into a deep groove that reflects the ethereal nature of the track. From there, ‘Chasing’ and ‘To Be Unseen’ arrive, washing over you with warm, familiar tones and tender, acoustic sounds. It’s a welcome return for the two tracks and a reminder that Gray Day’s music has a way to be constantly engaging, no matter how many times you’ve heard them before.

In the closing two tracks of the EP, Gray Days continues to expand his sound with ‘Trapeze Artist’ and ‘Nowhere to Hide’, two new tracks that flow through you with ease. In the first, Gray Days delivers a shimmering guitar track, blending a Smith-esque sound with more modern pop sensibilities. It’s an enjoyable mix that breathes through hazy production, creating a sound that few musicians would be able to imitate. In the title track, you’re treated to a subtle, but evolving melody, taking shape through moody, sonic tones, and a drifting emotive edge. It’s a song that rallies around towards its end, capturing you off guard with some gentle psychedelic inclinations.

On all levels, 'Nowhere To Hide' showcases Gray Days' growth as an artist, both musically and lyrically. Backed by his steady roster of musicians, including producer Simon Dobson, guitarist Michael Greville, and Adam Church on drums, the EP takes listeners on an emotional journey, crafting evocative melodies and introspective lyrics that resonate in all of us. With its captivating soundscapes, it’s an EP that deserves to be listened to attentively, rewarding a keen audience with an emotional and cathartic experience.

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