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Happiness is Wealth - 'The Happiness Machine'

  • 2 min read

Happiness is Wealth (H.iS.W) a sharp electronic band consisting of Australian’s Surahn Sidhu, Omar Varts, and Parisian producer Etienne Copin, have just made their mark in the best way possible, delivering a titanic debut album, 'The Happiness Machine'.

Reminiscent of Air, Justice, Daft Punk and Tame Impala, the trio ambitiously craft recordings that feel both contemporary, yet of an earlier musical era. It's a bold and unexpected mix, one that takes shape from a colourful melange of French touch, disco, techno, rock, dreamlike melodies and cinematic soundscapes filtered through chic, lustrous production and high-gloss mastering.

'The Happiness Machine' is the trio's magnificent debut records, a concept album that channels playful narratives through avid research and exploration of ‘happiness’ as subject matter. For the recording of the album, the trio took on scientist-like personas, researching and using sound experiments into the subject of ‘happiness’ setting out to intently “increase the world’s happiness by 1%”.

Through use of an array of synthesizers, drum machines, field recordings, distorted guitars and even developing a purpose-built Happiness Machine, the result is a highly considered album and platform for expression through sound, identity and culture - an internal reflection of what it is that makes us truly happy - whether it be chemical composition, self-reflection, meaningful relationships, or personal growth.

Standout tracks like 'Steam', the trio's current single, and 'Disco Petals' the new focus track, have become trademarks for the band, offering keen slices of their modern, wonderfuly eclectic sound.

Happiness is Wealth as both live act and DJ set have previously toured extensively throughout Australia, NZ, Japan and the US, as much at home in clubs, festivals and art galleries as they are as official support for a Hayden James national tour.

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