Gray Days - 'To Be Unseen'

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One of the Central Coast’s blossoming indie talents, Gray Days arrived in 2021 with the release of his debut single ‘Transcend’, delivering an authentic and wonderfully heartfelt wave of textured acoustic sounds and memorable melodies. Since then, he’s continued to impress fans and critics alike, shaping straight shots of ensnaring sonic ambience into his own brand of musical magic.

His latest single, ‘To Be Unseen’ is a perfect evolution for the enigmatic artist, capitalising on some longstanding collaborative connections to create an earthy single washed in fleeting synths tones and enjoyable guitar licks. Opening with a soft, earnest sound, ‘To Be Unseen’ reveals an intimate, and introspective side to Gray Days, one that can be felt from the first few moments.

Armed with a tender acoustic sound, it’s a release that speaks to modern-day isolation, the daily struggles to be seen, and the constant drive of the everyday forcing us all into moments of self-doubt and depression. As the music rallies and slowly draws you in, it builds a deceptively charming façade, one that Gray Days plays with poetically in the opening lines, “City so busy, so full of people, but there’s no one there.”

Perfectly modest in its ambitions, and yet still full of winning surprises, the new single peaks behind the moniker, and hints not only at the soul beneath it all, but also at the potential. Drawing comparisons to celebrated releases like Damon Albarn’s ‘Everyday Robots’, or most recent stripped-back pop sounds, like Samia’s ‘Honey’, the single endures brilliantly, offering something new with each and every listen.

Speaking briefly about the new single when we spoke with him, Gray Days explained, “[To Be Unseen] was recorded at Lakehouse Audio Studios again, with Simon Dobson recording, mixing and producing, and also playing some random synth bits. Some magic moments on guitar were provided by Michael Greville yet again, and on drums was Adam Church, also again.”

‘To Be Unseen’ is available now, released on all major digital stream services. For more from Gray Days, be sure to check out his social media pages below. Any coverage would be greatly appreciated, and the artist is also available for interviews and dedicated features.

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