Great ~ Falls - 'Negatives Into Positives'

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Propelled by a shared love for the transformative effects of music, Melbourne indie quintet Great ~ Falls reveal their gorgeous debut EP offering, 'Negatives Into Positives'. A record that demonstrates the strengths of the band’s thriving dynamic, 'Negatives Into Positives' positions Great`~Falls as ones to watch as we move further into 2023.

Featuring recent single ‘Custard Heart’, the record solidifies the core Great ~ Falls vision: it is one marked by a strong ear for fresh sounds, and a talent maintained by each of the members in reading each other’s energy with ease in the studio, and bringing it to the final recorded output beautifully.

For the 'Negatives Into Positives' EP, Great ~ Falls worked in Melbourne during lockdown, creating a lush bed of sounds that spoke to themes of elevation and empowerment. The band recorded at A Secret Location Sound Recorders’ site in Fairfield, working with producer Paul Maybury to create their soundscape.

And between the members – Lillian Abazi (lead vocals, guitar), Liam Moran (guitar), Daniel Tsang (violin), Sam Maher (drums) and Jack Foy (bass), a striking debut collection of material manifested, bringing 'Negative Into Positives' very much into a positive light.

‘Northside Dreaming’ is a personal favourite track on the EP as it focuses on finding peace in the complexities of relationships and the strong build of Lillian's powerful vocals. Negatives Into Positives  incorporates elements of calmness and familiarity, giving a sense of a safe space.

Speaking of the single, the band explained, “'Negatives Into Positives' is a collection of songs about the complexities and intricacies of human relationships and finding the path to better understanding them. The songs were developed over the past five years and reflect an attitude that we always hope to adopt."

“To be Northside Dreaming, approach everything we do with a warm, rich Custard Heart, let our inner April’s Child out, have the Navy Strength to always be open to opportunity and to never, ever drink our tea cold” 

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