GrrOORaccOO - ‘Dreamin’ Of’

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An enigmatic producer and DJ carving his way through the electronic music scene, GrrOORaccOO has made his mark thanks to his unconventional sounds creation and genre exploration. Fearlessly expanding beyond any known boundaries or unspoken norm, he is a rare breed of artist led by wild experimentation, letting his work evolve organically in what direction it might wish to take.

Beginning his career with kaleidoscopic releases like ‘Decor’ and ‘Make Me Live Again’ earlier this year, GrrOORaccOO has held firm to his belief that ‘music is freedom’, with every song he produces standing as a unique listening experience. Showcasing genuine virtuosity and challenging conventional music notions, GrrOORaccOO’s releases are constantly surprising and always thoroughly entertaining.

His latest single, ‘Dreamin’ On’ is an infectious cut that shines with sunkissed summer vibes and the featured vocals of rising talent Mikolajska. Speaking openly about the single with us, GrrOORaccOO explained, “The song is about carefree summer love. It accentuates the moments spent under the stars and by the sea, emphasizing the longing and dreams of a loved one. The inspiration was a dancer's performance during a summer festival. Work on the work took place in two musical studios in Poland. The voice was provided by Natalia Mikołajska.”

Drawing from a diverse range of influences that span from pulsating rhythms and mystical ambient soundscapes, to dynamic breakbeats and scintillating, progressive tones. Perpetually seeking uncharted musical territories, crafting tracks with unique sound journeys filled with unexpected twists, GrrOORaccOO is an undeniable musical force.

A wonderfully original artist, GrrOORaccOO distinct talents lie in harmonizing seemingly disparate elements, inviting listeners to uncover deeper musical meanings. With a raccoon mask as his emblem, he extracts novel soundscapes from simple notes. For seekers of original sounds and evocative soundscapes, GrrOORaccOO is a revelatory find.

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