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Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees - ‘Fin(n)’

  • 2 min read

A few years ago, a US band in Korea released one of the most sorely underappreciated independent albums of 2021. Wrapped in a captivating blend of depth, creativity, and stark originality, Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees' debut record set the stage perfectly for them to expand and grow, and now, we're incredibly excited to dive into their acclaimed second album, 'Fin(n)'.

Released earlier this year, 'Fin(n)' is a wonderfully unique blend of genres and innovative sounds, stitching together eleven songs into a truly remarkable album that leaves a lasting impression with each and every listen. From the moment that the first track lands, the enigmatic band transport you to a dark, enchanting world of haunting melodies and ethereal, inescapable vocals. It's an immersive experience, one that cloaks you in atmospheric production and stark, undeniable soundscapes.

In perfect form, each song on 'Fin(n)' tells a story, evoking a wide range of emotions with its vivid imagery and sweeping, intimate moments. Spiked with intricate guitar work, layered harmonies, and dynamic rhythms that work together to create a rich and textured sound, the album is as captivating as it is darkly beautiful. One of the true highlights of the album, 'The Purple Cactus' has recently become a fixture on our playlists, delivering an array of textural hues, melodic tones and warm emotional embraces.

Speaking of the song, Andrew Troutman, lead vocalist of the band explained, “The guys came up with a cool Low Rider-type groove to start it off, and suddenly I was climbing Black Mesa on a hundred-plus degree day, looking at all the dead cacti. They turn purple, wither away and rot, then come back later to fight another day.”

An album that received critical acclaim from Daniel Flores, the editor in chief of Rolling Stone, Argentina, 'fin(n)' is a testament to the band’s artistic vision and their commitment to pushing boundaries. A must-listen experience for anyone looking for a truly immersive and transformative musical experience, the new album is independent music at its most rare and enchanting.

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