GV – ‘Comeback’

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A talented young artist with a penchant for heavy rap anthemics, GV has spent most of 2021 carving out his own piece of hip-hop history. After first surfacing with the release of debut single ‘Fabregas’, he’s been hard at work refining his style and flow, creating a hybrid sound that leans on classic UK grime and mainstream rap from the United States. After a string of impressive collaborations and singles, GV is set to break the main stage with the release of his most impressive single to date, ‘Comeback’.

Armed with a unique lyrical style that makes him stand out from the rest of the rap scene, GV takes his inspiration from his day-to-day life, weaving a brilliant sense of realism into every bar. With clever wordplay, heavy beats, and a unique creative flair that keeps his fans guessing, GV is arguably one of his generation’s most innovative and expressive talents.

With the arrival of ‘Comeback’, GV has hit an all-time high, lashing out with an aggressive style that never fails to impress. Bold, invigorating, and filled with some fierce grime sounds, ‘Comeback’ is everything we’ve come to love about GV and more, hitting its mark time and time again with a wave of jagged sounds and fierce, free-flowing bars that revel in gritty depictions of life in the UK.

Building off his previous singles, ‘Comeback’ is an unyielding illustration of GV’s talents, delivering a quickfire anthem that will impress and entertain in equal measure. Available now on Spotify, as well on our annual Spotify playlist, GV’s new single is essential new listening.

With over 5,600 monthly listeners to his name, and over 13,000 streams on ‘Comeback’ already, GV’s new anthem is arguably one of the defining rap releases of 2021. Tune in above and make sure you follow GV on Spotify and Instagram below, so you never miss a beat.

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