Race to Neptune – ‘Her Last Vengeance’

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A few years ago, Race To Neptune landed on our radar with the release of their cataclysmic, six-track EP, ‘Share My Frequency’. It was a release typified by soaring guitar solos, gritty distortion, and stompy rhythms that combined to create a powerful, yet artful indie-rock performance, and ever since it dropped, it’s been never far out of frame. Infused with a sound that drifts between the 90s alt. rock scene and ‘60s psychedelia, ‘Her Last Vengeance’ has become the defining release for the Colorado four-piece.

Of all the tracks on the EP, ‘Her Last Vengeance’ has constantly stood out from the rest, becoming a firm favourite for fans and critics alike, and garnering almost 60,000 streams of Spotify alone. It’s a single that has been celebrated for its “dark and stormy” nature, “spooky, almost Halloween vibe”, and “heavy-hitting slower tempo”, the track has become one of the band’s best and most recognisable, and so it felt only right that we shine a proper spotlight on the truly monumental single.

Built around an operative guitar tone and punchy breakdown, ‘Her Last Vengeance’ perfectly encapsulates the band’s strange indie rock anthemics. It’s a single that revels in dark experimentation and slow-burning power, pushing forward and cloaking itself in textured atmospheric sounds. An unyielding high point from the EP, the track delivers a moment of stark reflection, cutting away the more explosive alt. rock sounds that filled with earlier tracks and boldly unleashing a darker, more intimate moment that hits its mark time and time again.

Powerful as both the penultimate track of the EP, and as a standalone single, ‘Her Last Vengeance’ is streaming now on all major platforms, and on our annual Spotify playlist.

A stunning illustration of what Race to Neptune can achieve, ‘Her Last Vengeance’ is just as bold and provocative as it was two years ago, and it absolutely deserves to be heard. Tune in above via Spotify, and don’t forget to check out the full EP along with their full musical catalogue on Spotify.

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