Gye – ‘Divorce’

While most artists exist solely in our one dimension, there are others who are born to play by their own rules, spreading their sound across untold realms and times. One of these immortal artists is the enigmatic Gye, a self-declared witch doctor and Dorian Grey like figure known across the Pangaea and its infinite Duoverse.

Shrouded in mystery and constantly wrapped in rumours, Gye’s life is one of limitless potential and constant evolution. Blessed with immortality that was bestowed on him by the spirits he communes with, Gye’s life is filled with infinite history, travelling between dimensions in search of love and new life. Until recently, Gye had been entwined in an extended coupling with his vampiric paramour, but now, if his new release is to be believed, he’s breaking out on his own and looking to divorce.

After giving his paramour everything, including his immortality (if rumours are to be believed), the separation is something that has echoed all across the Duoverse, leading to a new age for Gye, and ultimately, for us all. In ‘Divorce’, Gye has taken a stand and decided to share his side of the story, lashing out with a dark pop epic that sets the record straight. Simply titled and filled with strong emotive vocals, the new track is an evolving maelstrom of hard-hitting lyrics, sweeping guitar chords, and a sharp, undeniable hook that revels in a bold blend of contemporary pop and ensnaring hip-hop.

In his own words, Gye uses the new single as a way to confront his former paramour, landing blow after blow with lines like “I regret you; I never should've met you” and “making me feel like nothing we had was real” to showcase his angst and heartbreak. With an unapologetic style that defiantly makes its mark, ‘Divorce’ revels in some clever production and layering, stitching together samples from ‘The Love Connection’ and a string of unique moments to create an undeniable experience.

Defiant, expressive, and built to resonate among the Duoverse, ‘Divorce’ is the sound of a powerful entity scorned, and while tragic, its absolutely incredible. Tune in to the new single above and be sure to follow Gye’s unfolding story on YouTube with new reports on his life flooding into our dimension via Intercepts from the 17th.

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