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Mr. Really Successful – ‘MoneyFeens in Miami’

  • 2 min read

A titanic rap talent who has taken 2021 by storm, Atlanta’s aptly named Mr. Really Successful first landed on the hip-hop scene only months ago, unleashing fire with his debut single, ‘Block da Hate’. Armed with hard-hitting rhymes, bold beats, and a natural talent for penning visceral verse, Mr. Really Successful has continued to live up to his name, building his own legacy on the foundations set by artists like Young Thug, Jay Z, 50 Cent. Little Dragons, and Future.

In his latest release, the self-declared Genius Moor/Rapper, Astrologer, and ‘CEO of a lawsuit factory’ has hit the ground running, dishing out five anthemic new cuts that showcase his love for Miami. A narrative-driven release that details his time in Miami with rap alumni Milktattoos and MoneyFeen Corey, ‘MoneyFeens in Miami’ is everything we’ve come to expect from Mr. Really Successful, throwing out some massive cuts that tear up the coastal city.

Opening with lead cut ‘Going To Miami’, the new EP wastes no time in making an impressive, delivering a fierce volley of classic rap sounds that Mr. Really Successful cuts and mixes at will. Layering some light electronic flourishes with his unique vocal tones and flow, the rising icon builds hype perfectly, pulling you into his world and getting you amped for a big night out. In the following tracks, he pulls no punches and lays everything on thick, making the most of the moment and impressing with every passing second.

Tracks like ‘Motion’ and ‘MoneyFeen Jackie Chan’ shine with originality and charm, perfectly illustrating Mr. Really Successful’s free-flowing style and incorruptible energy, while ‘Block da Hate’ resurfaces at the end, closing the EP on a true and enduring highlight. With over 58,000 streams on Spotify already, ‘Block da Hate’ has continued to impress, and on ‘MoneyFeens in Miami’, it rounds out Mr. Really Successful’s journey perfectly.

A brilliant EP that sees Mr. Really Successful pushing forward and stepping into the spotlight, ‘MoneyFeens In Miami’ is a fun, constantly evolving mix that seamlessly blends reality, fantasy, and plenty of heavy hip-hop vibes into one massive release. Available now on all major platforms, ‘MoneyFeens in Miami’ is an essential new release for any modern hip-hop fan.

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