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Hobday - ‘Like This’

  • 2 min read

Arguably one of the most talented producers and DJ’s we’ve come across in the last few years, Hobday has recently embarked on the biggest step in his career so far. Travelling across the United States in the pursuit of his dream, Hobday has burnt all his bridges, charging forward with passion, drive, and a stellar new EP.

After recently signing a record deal, the ten year veteran of the electronic music community has first began his journey in 2012, after coming back from a year abroad. Diving headfirst into the bass music world, Hobday began enchanted with seminary projects like Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights, and Big Gigantic. As he explained, “These acts blew my mind wide open. I honestly didn’t think having THAT much fun was even possible. I couldn’t fathom it. As a young adult I struggled a lot with self confidence, but the bass music scene was so welcoming and open. It really felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be and I leaned into that feeling 100%. I started dancing. I mean REALLY dancing. Letting everything go. Just being in the moment with the music and the people around me.”

“One night I was at a show dancing my butt off, and all of a sudden, this serene calm washed over me. For a moment I couldn’t even really hear the music. Everything sort of froze in time. And there I was looking around at all the beautiful, smiling, dancing souls and then to the DJ on stage doing their thang. And this thought and feeling washed over me: “I want to do THAT. I want to be on that stage.”

A true product of the electronic music scene, Hobday has reflected the vibrancy and freedom of that scene in his new EP, delivering five original tracks that shine with deep bass brilliance. From the atmospheric tones and spiralling bass tones of opening tracks ‘Your Love’ and ‘Do It Like’, to the deep melodic cuts of ‘Wrist’ and polished, rampant tones of ‘Know About That’, and of course, the light synth-infused electronics of closing number ‘Back to Light’, everything about the release sparks with creative brilliance and a passion for genre.

From the very first track, it’s obvious that Hobday has given the scene his all, and the blend of styles with his passionate approach make it a release to remember. Speaking more about his calling to the genre, Hobday added, “Everything I do is to give back to the community that helped me become the person that I am today.” An artist to watch and a name to remember, ‘Like This’ is a brilliant introduction to Hobday, showcasing his talents and style in perfect form.

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